Mommy & Me Photos - Wilder Park Conservatory

If you’ve never thought about doing a mommy and me session, I hope this session makes you want to! It was this little ones first birthday as well, so we had a bit of celebrating to do. I think it’s a great idea when my clients bring some props to their session to make it unique including this super cute number one balloon. I love Wilder Park Conservatory for days that are not the warmest and you need a little time to warm up, especially for the little ones. The conservatory is a bit smaller, but perfect for what we needed!

I also love the white building and stairs right outside the conservatory that we also put to use. We got some super sweet shots of momma and her little one, but my FAVORITE shot is of her laying on the ground just looking like she has had more than enough of us taking photos. I hope I get to shoot some more mommy and me sessions this year!!