AJ + Emily - Hyatt Lodge Mcdonald's Campus Wedding Photography

There’s something about winter weddings that are just kind of magical to me! AJ & Emily’s was nothing short of amazing and I loved how everything came together!

We spent the morning at one of her bridesmaids homes which was so beautiful and Emily got a gorgeous gift from Austin. Then, Emily did a first look with her bridesmaids and family and they were all so stunned at how amazing she looked. I love Emily’s personality that you can definitely see it in her blowing a kiss to all of them! We then got a couple portraits of Emily and a few of all the ladies on the porch before we headed out to the Mcdonald’s Campus.

Emily and AJ opted for a first look and it was extremely cute. Even though we had a couple of morning mishaps (AJ’s cufflinks breaking and him forgetting his phone at home) everything still came together and we got some breathtaking photos. The floral for their wedding was so wonderful and it went perfect with the bridesmaids dresses.

After the ceremony, the reception began with some hilarious speeches and even included some Chik-Fil-A! A donut wall opened as well and let me tell you it probably lasted about 5 minutes. People definitely love donuts. The dance floor was packed and everyone was having such a great time. Thank you both for letting me capture your stunning day!

Associate shot for Brittany Bekas