Alaska Trip to Fairbanks & Denali National Park

I don’t typically share photos from my travel (since I usually just take iPhone pics!) but I finally had some that I took in Alaska so I had to share!

We traveled around Fairbanks checking out all the local touristy things. One of my favorite parts was Chena hot springs which had sled dogs who we probably spent an hour going around and petting. We actually got to take a quick little sled dog run too and it was such an amazing experience.

We also took a drive down to Denali National Park and it was seriously breathtaking. Although we were a little bummed the only wildlife we got to see was a rabbit and squirrel, I made sure to capture them! The weather was honestly so awesome and we were some of the only people on the trails.

Hopefully on our next trip, I’ll make sure to document some of our travels again ;)