Spring Save the Date Styled Shoot with Basic Invite

Styling invitation suites are one of my favorite things to do, especially when they are all this gorgeous! I even had some fun floral to play around with along with my favorite ring boxes. I also got to try out my new styling boards which I’m super pumped to use this wedding season (I still want to make a couple more colors though!)

As you can see below, you can order invitations, save the dates, response cards, and even coasters that all are a matching set! No matter what theme or colors you have, there will be an invitation suite on here that will match it perfectly because there are over 900 wedding invitation set options to choose from. One of my new favorite trends this year are clear save the dates and invitations. It is so unique and different! You can also have the invitations say whatever you’d like, it’s totally customizable.

If you didn’t have time to get your engagement photos done or you just want to be a little different, you should totally go for a no photo save the date. As you scroll down below, you’ll see just a couple different options available on their site. You can also order envelopes straight from there. There are 4o different color options so that your invitation can stand out before you even open it. I know I hate licking envelopes and I’m sure you do too, so these are peel and seal to make your life easier.

Another feature at Basic Invite is that they have almost unlimited colors so you can match it perfectly to your wedding theme. That was, the card will look exactly how you like it down to every last detail! You can also order custom samples to ensure that your invitations are perfect for you.

One of the new items they also offer which are awesome are coasters! These can be used at your bridal shower or even as a favor on your wedding day! There are currently 90 different options and they are a really durable quality that won’t just fall apart.

I 100% recommend my brides (or anyone else getting married) to head over to Basic Invite and check out their website. If you have any questions about it, feel free to email me :)