W Family - Ryerson Forest Preserve Family Portraits

Sometimes during family sessions, kids don’t always want to sit and look at the camera. Let’s be real, what 2 or 3 year old will listen when you want them to do that? What they will do? Run back and forth between you and your husband and they will be smiling when they do that!

I think it’s really important and I stress to my clients that just because your child isn’t traditionally standing and smiling, I can still catch those cute smiling images. I actually really prefer the candid moments since that is your family normally! This sweet family was the perfect example of this. The youngest is definitely her own little lady and she wanted to run around. So, I put on my zoom lens and let her! You’d rather have them running around and smiling than sitting there and crying, trust me.

If you want some inspiration for some more candid family portraits, look below! I will always try and get a couple of everyone smiling (even if that includes having a pile of grass in their hand), but there’s something so real about getting hugs and having your kids just play with each other and enjoy!